Beating the Odds // Multimedia

'Beating the Odds', a multimedia documentary produced with the ABC's Online Investigations Unit.

Beating the Odds has now won two of Australia's most prestigious awards in journalism - a Walkely Award for Online Journaliasm in 2011, and a United Nations Media Peace Prize for Online Reporting in 2010.

Beating the odds focuses on children suburbs on the fringes of Australia's cities facing an elevated risk of falling into a vicious cycle of unemployment, discrimination, poor housing, crime and family breakdown, according to University of Canberra researchers.

In these locations, what's being done to stop children from falling through the cracks? What are communities doing to help kids break out of this vicious cycle and escape social exclusion?

When western Sydney schoolgirl Kiesha Abrahams was reported missing on August 1, 2010, Eleanor Bell and Ed Giles went inside one such suburb, Kiesha's community of Mount Druitt, to ask locals to reveal their daily reality and to see what's being done to help children who are at risk.

View the entire multimedia presentation here at ABC News Online.