Life and Death with Aleppo’s ‘Martyrs of Truth’ // MULTIMEDIA

NOVEMBER 2012, ALEPPO, SYRIA: A group of young men gather in an apartment in Syria's largest city, Aleppo.

Each carries a Russian AK-47 assault rifle. A television in the corner plays Koranic recitations from an Arabic satellite channel.

The five fighters drink tea, smoke cigarettes and share jokes as they make one final check over their weapons.

These men are Syrian rebels fighting with a unit of the Free Syrian Army. Today, they're getting ready to go into Aleppo's no-man's land.

Their plan is to try to break new ground by entering an abandoned apartment building in the inner-city suburb of Saif al Dawla. The position will give the unit a new vantage point that may also provide new information on the Syrian army's movements.

In this special report the ABC's Ed Giles followed a group of rebels as they prepared for a mission in Syria's biggest city, Aleppo.

More detail and photography from this assignment are available here at ABC News Online: ABC NEWS ONLINE: LIFE AND DEATH WITH ALEPPO’S MARTYRS OF TRUTH