Egypt: Dahab Tourism // 17 Photos

The coastal resort of Dahab - located on the Sinai Peninsula - has been called the Ko Samui of the Middle East. This Bedouin beach camp was famous throughout the 70s and 80s as a haven for hashish smoking hippies.

Over the past two decades, Dahab has evolved into a resort destination for independent travelers and bikinis and board shorts reign. Every night bass lines from several dance clubs echo over the sea towards the visible but unpopulated coastline of ultra-conservative Saudi Arabia.

In the new Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party and the Salafi party 'Al Nour' have thus far dominated the multi-stage democratic parliamentary elections. Islamist politicians have already begun to speak of bringing "sin-free" tourism to Egypt. No booze, no bikinis.

Is Dahab in danger? Can sun and fun tourism in Egypt - which brings in billions of foreign dollars annually - survive under an Islamist government?

This story is a work in progress, in co-operation with American writer and journalist, Joshua Maricich.